Keep Calm and Carry On

I have been seeing this poster everywhere, and I was completely bamboozled to find out where it came from and why I was seeing it whenever I turn the corner. Well, thanks to Wikipedia, I found out that it was from the British Government in 1939 as a response to WWII starting. Very cool.


(Though I’m fairly sure that this one wasn’t made in 1939…)


Ode to a Typeface

This is a lady gaga parody, but for the typeface, Nuetraface. Beautiful, and something only true typography nerds can get.

Rex the Dog

If you couldn’t tell by now, i really like random animation things.


Reason why finals week is the way it is:

Procrastination from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.


This video is definitely worth noting. What if the games we played as a kid were in our life right now?
Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Independent web videos.

Typography is Sexy (Pt 2)

Typography is sexy

Get a hard-on for fonts? Yes, I used that term, because Font Fetish is not for the faint of heart. If type turns you on, then play with your favorite ascenders and descenders, and show them who is the boss of that typeface.

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