So cheesy but so cute

Okay, I am not one to get into things that are too cheesy, but this was way too adorable to ignore.

The cutest pillows I have ever seen



This was too cute not to share

Ephemere Apple

So, the third in my series of alcohol labels, I remembered this beer that I love getting. I have a habit of taking the labels off of bottles with the intention of scanning them (I never do) and this was no exception, except it was harder to get off so my friend did it for me. The label was shimmery with metallic foils and had the most gorgeous illustration. It was meant to represent the ethereal nature of fairies, which the website talks about the legend behind the fairy.

Each of the background illustrations as well is a different version of one of their illustration. And if you want to talk about great web design combined with great usability, check out Unbroue’s website.

Delirium Nocturnum

The really awesome thing about this beer is not only the taste, but the packaging. The white bottle is cool, but the pink elephant. Very appropriate for a brew called called Delirium Nocturnum.

Original Sin Hard Cider Logo

Original Sin Hard Cider has one of my favorite logos. The website is mediocre, but the typography used, making the O and S combine O and S which ends in a point, denoting the devil and the leaf in the S, which serves to represent the garden of eden, yet it’s so simple.

Original Sin Pin Up Poster

This and the next few posts are going to make me look like a raging alcoholic, but in reality, I just really enjoy trying new beers and I pay close attention to the artwork. It’s fun. However, this was just a cool poster that I liked the layout and use of typography (yes, from a purely aesthetic point of view, as well.)


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