There is no way to tell you how cute this animation is. It’s very imaginative and heart wrenching. This animation is a short about a little girl who is blind and her experiences of “seeing” through the stimuli over her other senses as they arise. It’s adorable.

Out of Sight


Alien Robots!

Okay, this is just cute.

Her Morning Elegance

Another fantastic video that my friend had introduced me to. This one uses stop motion is a very creative and adorable way.


I have a real weakness for this video. It has puppets, and how can you not like puppets? Overall, I really like the art direction. It’s a lot of fun.

Food Gawker

It isn’t uncommon for a graphic designer to respond well to visuals rather than words. I would, in fact, say that this is our strength. With that being said, I would like to introduce you to my biggest weakness ever. This is the reason my bank account very often seems limited, as does my time. My sister introduced me to the website called FoodGawker. It is a collection of food photography blogs from all over the world, constantly being updated, and makes you salivate more than all of Pavlov’s dogs combined. If I need culinary inspiration, I go here, and find the most delicious sounding extravagant recipes and make them. Naples style margherita pizza, a Mexican sweet potato and banana cake… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Not only that, but the photography is so well done. The care these photographers take in, not only the presentation of the food, but the presentation of the photograph is outstanding. It never fails to make me ravenous. Enter at your own risk.