Socially Conscious Design

There was a time in which I felt like design was so unbelievably superficial and a waste of all of my energies. How could one make a difference in the world with InDesign? It wasn’t until I found Firebelly Design that my faith in design has been restored. Their tagline is “Good Design for Good Reason”. They do the big corporate guys, but that is so that they can help the causes that really need it. They donate their services to one not-for-profit per year, and they do an absolutely stunning job of it. They also allow for a summer camp in which they take 10 design students and have them live in their studio to make it real.

It is thanks to this organization that I really got myself into a direction I would like to be in and, actually, got me my job. I am happy to say that I work for another graphic design business (much smaller, and I love it) that does a lot of not-for-profit work as well. It’s rather inspiring. I am still debating on that summer camp, but I definitely know that if I stick with design, it will have to be socially conscious work.


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