Inspiration is Cross Pollination

(Note: I know, Debra, I haven’t posted my responses to the Krug readings. They will get there. But, first, I have to share this.)

As recently as this morning, I have become addicted to TED Talks. I started by watching Neil Parischa give a TED speech on his blog 1000 Awesome Things, in which each day he posts a new minor wonder that are so optimistic and beautiful that you can’t not leave without being reinspired to live. I normally either listen to audiobooks or talk radio while I’m doing design work, and have decided that today, perhaps I’ll have some of the TED Talks playing in the background.

There is an entire section on the TED website dedicated to innovative speakers called “Design Like You Give A Damn.” Naturally, my interest was peaked (as, I am sure, so is yours.) There are only a few that have to do with art design, and some have to do with classroom design, technological design, and any other number of categories. Regardless of whether or not it applies directly to you, it is worth noting.

I did see one on graphic design (in which I stopped my work to actually look at the visuals involved) and felt the need to share. This woman is a very innovative graphic designer who can still be incredibly creative in the commercial realm and she also explains why that is important. From here, I think it would be beneficial for you to take a look at what she has to say and show how you, too, can find inspiration and (more) value to the work you do.




I used to draw a lot when I was younger. Like many artists, I was very interested in drawing anime cartoons, and luckily I have stopped that. But a friend of mine in middle school was amazing at drawing anime characters. She was a pro with prismacolors and I still have no idea how she uses markers the way she does. I haven’t talked to her since middle school but every now and then I like to check up on her work for inspiration. She’s easily one of the most talented anime artists I know. Her portfolio can be found at

Better this than what’s underneith

I have this crazy thing for Mardi Gras and Carnivale masks. The intricate designs and all the possibilities on how to make them. They are just so avant garde by nature that I have always been attracted to them. The way that they can so ceaselessly create them are amazing to me. So, here is a post dedicated to masks.

Yay for web

The last post was a bunch of pieces of art work, now we have some design layouts I thought were cool.


Random pieces of art

I began this blog with the intention of making it a place in which I can truly express my creativity. And now, it has become what I have feared it would become: a storehouse for pretty pictures that have no theme. And I’m not depressed about this. This might have something to do with the fact that I’m so full from so much food that there is no blood going to my brain. Autopilot, commence!

Seriously, however, I was finding little images that can serve as inspiration. I hope some of it will start to make sense together.



Free Advice + Coffee

A friend of mine had posted on her facebook wall a link to this incredibly interesting project one man had done. He set up a stand on a busy urban street with a sign that said “Free Advice + Coffee” (in Danish, though, as this was in Copenhagen) and for one week, five hours a day, simply gave coffee and advice. By the end of the week, he found himself being a different person because of this. You can visit this link here for photos and his commentary on the project.

Part of me wants to try this out, though I know that the Chicago police will require I have some sort of a street performers license or food distributing license of some sort. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission, though, right?

Procrastinators Beware!

Finally, someone was smart enough to come up with a program to battle Internet Addiction.

Page Addict is a firefox add-on to help monitor how much time you waste at certain sites. I.E. Mindful Internet Surfing. Let me see how this works.

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